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Available Tips:

Please note: These suggestions are intended only as aids for stitchers, and should not be construed as hard and fast "rules".

Introduction: General Tips for stitching Teresa Wentzler Designs

  • Always read all instructions before beginning to stitch.

  • Study the chart and be certain you understand the charting technique.

  • Check for Pattern Corrections and/or other special pointers from fellow stitchers who have already completed the design.

  • If needed, make one photocopy enlargement of the chart (this applies especially to hand-drawn charts).

    Note: -- Warning concerning photocopying -- This permission to photocopy applies only to my charts, and has has been granted by Leisure Arts, holder of the copyrights to my designs. This should not, under any circumstances, be considered permission to photocopy any other designer's charts! Also, the following limitations apply: the photocopy must be for your own use only, and should be destroyed after use.

    Excellent information about needlework and copyrights can be found at Martha Beth Lewis' Needlework Home Page. There's also a Needlework Copyright Information page here.

  • Check your fabric size carefully: be sure the fabric thread count matches the desired size of the finished stitchery. Make sure to add at least three inches on all sides of the design for finishing purposes.

  • If the pattern contains any unfamiliar specialty stitches, practice them on a separate swatch of the same type of fabric before attempting to add them to your piece.

  • Before beginning to stitch, be certain you are able to find/purchase all the specialty items (or suitable substitutes): beads, metallics, etc, that might be required, and familiarize yourself with how to use them.

  • Finish the raw edges of your fabric by machine overlocking, pinking, hand over-casting, or using a product like Fray CheckTM. Masking tape is not recommended.

  • Before beginning to stitch a design with lots of colors, organize your floss and needles.

  • If you will be stitching a design on black or dark fabric, you may benefit from implementing these tips.

  • Decide where to begin stitching...large designs will require a bit of preparation.

  • Finally, the most important tip of all: ENJOY!

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