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Charting Technique

The following is a description of my charting technique. As always, be sure to read all instructions before beginning to stitch; anything unusual in the charting is always noted in the instructions. Many of my designs are not suitable for aida fabrics because they incorporate both over-one and over-two stitching and/or they incorporate certain specialty stitches which may yield unsatisfactory results if attemped on anything but a linen-type evenweave!

Each symbol on the chart represents one stitch (either whole or fractional) or one bead.

In most of my designs, backstitching plays a very important part, and my pieces are designed with the following techniques in mind. If you follow these instructions, your stitched results should be quite satisfactory. Please bear in mind that these are suggestions only.

There are only a couple things to remember when stitching from my charts:

    Backstitching Over 2 Grid Blocks

  1. When a backstitch line is positioned diagonally (corner to corner) over two grid blocks, the stitches under that backstitch should be worked as whole stitches, not three-quarter stitches. On the chart, the backstitching may cover a small portion of the symbols, or the symbols may be slightly smaller.

    Backstitching (corner to corner) Over 1 Grid Block

  2. When the backstitch line is positioned diagonally (corner to corner) over one grid block, quarter stitches are to be used. Reduced symbols are shown on either side of the backstitch.

    Backstitching Along the Edge

  3. The only place a three-quarter stitch should be used is along the edge of a stitched area. Note that the backstitching line completes the edge.

When both over-two and over-one stitching are present in a design, there is almost always a separate chart included for the over-one portion(s).


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