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Teresa Wentzler Designs Errata Listing

This errata listing is a compilation of all the errata information found on the individual floss lists.  All colors listed are DMC.. Please use at your own risk; many of my designs have been publish several times, and in different formats. In some cases corrections may have been made to later publications. Compare the information carefully!

This listing is a work in progress! Please E-mail me with new information.

Design Name
Error Description
A Touch of Holly (in JCS Mag. Dec 1996) Star Ornament: The symbol 1 should be DMC 762.
Angel of Frost

(These corrections are for the pattern as it appears in the Best of TW Christmas Collection Book):

  • On the chart, what looks like a "stepped triangle" should be the Greek symbol epsilon, and it's the DMC blend 3032/3790.  In the color code, it's the second symbol in the third column on page 48.  This symbol appears only in the basket.
  • The open square symbol in the basket should be the symbol for 422/3045, which is located at the very bottom of the second column in the color code: the square with a horizontal line through it.  Again, this symbol appears only in the basket (and handle).
  • The open square symbol listed in the color code for 3740 is a "heavier weight" symbol: the lines are thicker... but still confusing!  This symbol occurs in the cape portion of the cloak only.
Autumn Faerie (These corrections do not all apply to the book of four faeries. Use them as needed)
  • In the forward most wing, there are some missing symbols:
  • Square box with diagonal slash from bottom left to top right should be DMC 3787
    • (in the four faeries book, this is still an error)
  • Diagonal slash from bottom left to top right and one dot above and below should be DMC blend 436/3778
    • (shown as 434/3778 in the four faeries book, use whichever suits you)
  • Diagonal slash from top left to bottom right with dots above and below should be: DMC blend 738/3743
Birdhouse Bellpull see Treetop Sampler (below)
Brilliant Plumage

Just Cross Stitch/Symbol of Excellence leaflet:

Some of the charts incorrectly list the size of the fabric needed for this design. For example, with a 160 x 160 stitch count, the design size on 25 ct. fabric over 2 threads should be 12.8" x 12.8", not 6.5" x 6.5" as listed. (don't forget to allow extra for finishing!)

Camelot Sampler The number for the #12 pearl cotton is # 388 med. ercu, not 833 as shown on chart.


  • There are a few 1/4 stitch symbols missing on the canopy's upper right hand side. There is no "official" fix, so use whatever you think looks best.
  • It has been suggested that you may need 2 skeins of 611, 612, 613 and 3031, and 3 skeins of 610 for this design.
The Castle
  • The "||" symbol that appears in the confetti on the foot should be "#" (793)
  • The "A" symbol that appears on the confetti on the tail should be "x" (729)
  • On the right side of the spade-shaped part of the tail, there is a vertical line of 3 "x" symbols on the left side that should be symbol "r" (315/3041)
  • The chart and the picture on the front are different. The picture has 3 claws but the chart has 4 claws.
  • All the "filled-circle" symbols on the lower right-hand rocks should be the same (414/3041).
  • There are some "V" symbols on the trees at the bottom that should be "del" (upsidedown V) symbols (3345).
  • The "/" symbols that appear on the left wing on the far right "feather" (between some "3" symbols and some "script e" symbols close to the tower) should be an "x" (729).
  • There some 1/4 stitches missing in the dragon's outstretched wing that you can just fill in using a nearby color.
  • The re-printed leaflet has pink and magenta backstitch lines on the chart which are not shown as pink and magenta on the color code/instruction page...only as black and grey.  This is a printer error, and if you have one of these leaflets, please call Customer Service at Leisure Arts: 1-800-526-5111.  They will supply you with a corrected color code/instruction page which has the proper color backstitch lines indicated at no charge.
  • The symbol listed in the code for DMC blend ecru/3770 is not used in the design
Castle Sampler
  • The symbol listed as a lower case "u" should be a script "u" - DMC 762.
  • The symbol "v" on the throne should be "v with a dot in the center" - DMC 644.
  • The symbol that look like a reversed "L" should be "arrow pointed to the southeast" - DMC 415 (may be correct in kit version)
  • The symbol ".." should be ":" - DMC 3774 (may be correct in kit version)
  • The "arrow pointing SE with a skinny head" in the queen's headdress should be an arrow pointing down towards the right with a filled in head, DMC blend 3743/762.
  • In the far-left tower of the castle, 5 rows below the roof, there is an "upside-down left facing L" that should be an "upside-down right facing L" like the other symbols nearby.
  • It has been noted that there are a few mistakes where a single wrong symbol has been charted. If the color looks wrong, try replacing it with one of the nearby colors.
  • Helpful Hint: The space between the M and the N on the border is 4 spaces, not 3 like the rest.
  • On the re-printed leaflet, there are several rows missing from the chart on page 3 (Section 1) of the leaflet.  Please contact Customer Service at Leisure Arts: 1-800-526-5111, and request a copy of the missing rows. Leisure Arts will not replace your incorrect leaflet, but they will supply the missing information at no charge.
Christmas Ornaments Byzantine Ornaments: Vatican gold (102c) from Kreinik was omitted from the leaflet instructions:
  • Ornament #1: Straight stitch around all the dark green diamond eyelets.
  • Ornament #2: Straight stitch around the purple diamond eyelets near the center of the design, and around the diamond eyelets stitched with DMC 316/3354.
  • Ornament #3: Straight stitch around the dark blue 8-sided eyelets, and around the light blue diagonal satin stitch blocks.
  • Ornament #4: Straight stitch around all the purple plaited cross stitches.
  • Ornament #5: Straight stitch around all the dark blue diamond eyelets, and around all the light blue square eyelets.
  • Ornament #6: Straight stitch around all the light green 8-sided eyelets, around all the dark green plaited cross stitches, and around all the light green diamond eyelets.
The diagram for Plaited Cross Stitch used in Byzantine ornaments 1, 3 and 6 appears to be incorrectly shown as a slanted herringbone. The correct stitch diagram should be:

Stitch diagram is owned and copyrighted
by: TW Designworks, PO Box 176, Montoursville, PA 17754

Celestial Dragon

These corrections apply to the Best of TW Fantasy Collection , vol. 2:

  • The "X" symbol for 223 is found only in the tongue.
  • The "X" symbol for 792/793 is found in the eye and in the dark blue areas of the border.
  • And finally, the "X" symbol found in the "feathering" on the head, tail, and on the legs should be DMC 472 + 1 strand 032 pearl blending filament.
Dragon Ride
  • Some stitches were omitted when the chart was converted to color. They are on the over 2 (main) chart at the blank spaces (for the over-one), at the front edge of the rider's head. Add the following stitches to the main chart:
    • row 1: add a stitch using 598/794
    • row 2: add a stitch using 598/794
    • row 3: OK
    • row 4: add a stitch using 597/793
  • Also, there are a couple symbols on the chart that are "+" with a blue background on the dragon's head, near the mouth area. They should be "+" with a gold background.
  • And, along the bottom part of the border in the top straight part of the 6th "link" there is a P symbol where there should be a 5 symbol
English Cottage Sampler
  • There were letter put after the numbers on the Mill Hill Beads on the chart's floss list. These should be ignored as they are not part of Mill Hill's numbering system.
  • The lazy daisy border around the swans (the upper right hand corner where the U is on the topmost righthand block - count 3 stitches to the right) has a leaf with the symbol "K" that should be the symbol "L".
  • There are some errors on the trellis in the border in 3 or 4 places. It is shown in some places when it should not be and missing from others.
  • The Q is missing two backstitches from its tail. Look at the R to see where the Q should be similar. Also, the lowercase Y is missing it's tail.
  • Only 3 rows of the chart were shaded on the overlap instead of the 7 that should have been shaded.
English Garden Sampler
  • There are about 5 quarter stitches in and near the top peacock that don't have a match on the chart floss list. They should be 3013.
  • Ignore the 3 solid diamonds near the top of the right topiary that should not be there.
  • The fountain scene perimeter backstitch should be done in 3362.
  • Some charts may have an error in the floss key were the symbol that looks like a capital S lying on it's side was left out. It should be a blend of 415/927.
English Garden Welcome
  • The blank spaces between the leaves in the narrow border and around the WELCOME should be filled with the iris beads. The symbol is a bullet with an x through it.
  • Another symbol that is missing is the infinity symbol, DMC 3013. This should fill in the blank spaces above the bridge and on either side of the far grassy bank.
  • In the special instructions for the last satin stitch, the 5232 should have been listed as 523.
  • Be careful on the number of spaces between sections in the chart. It has been reported that in the book of all 4 horses, vertical overlaps have 11 spaces instead of 10!
Fantasy Triptych
  • Some 1/4 stitches are missing their symbols. The first occurence is in the bottom right corner of the castle panel up against the border. The second is around the Maiden's head. The suggested fix is to fill these with a color or blend that matches a symbol next to the blank spots.
  • On the chart, the bead holes in the borders are not showing a backstitch like the other bead holes in the panels. Suggested fix: DMC 610.
  • There is a gap behind the maiden's head next to the foreground tree. Suggested fix: 502/3363 blend.
  • There is a missing symbol for a half stitch at the bottom of the unicorn's mane (three over from the tree trunk). Suggested fix: DMC 524/3013 blend.
  • There is no backstitch listed for the horn. Suggested fix: DMC 413.
  • The seal is missing from the center of the shield on the knight's horse. Suggested fix: DMC 316/3726 blend, to match the other five seals on the armor.
  • Just below horse's nose, the green stripe is missing a half stitch. Suggested fix: DMC 502/3363 blend.
  • Suggested fixes for backstitch on the border: DMC 611 on the extreme outside edge. The 610/3787 blend for the wood-like brackets at the bottom corners of the panels. DMC 610 on everything else.
  • Helpful Hint: Watch carefully in the Knight panel around the top of the horse's legs. There are 3 different half-filled circles symbols in that very small area that are similar (filled left, filled right, and filled bottom halves).
  • Helpful Hint: If you are stitching on 28 count you might want to purchase extra of the following: 422, 452, 453, 502, 503, 610, 611, 612, 613, 3032, 3033, 3363, 3787 to maintain the same dye lot.
Fruit Bellpull
  • Where the chart shows "up arrow", it should be "arrow pointing NE", DMC 522.
  • Where it shows "M", it should be "solid heart", DMC 3363.
  • Where it shows "triangle pointing left", it should be "triangle with square corner at bottom right", DMC blend 371/3045.
  • The lowerstem of the apples should be filled in with "?" and "k".
  • The lower case "m" in the chart should be the uppercase "M" in the symbol list.
  • Some charts show three of the borders with the light/dark color leaves reversed as compared to the other boarders. These should be consistent.
  • Backstitch instructions for 610 should read, "inner edge of borders, apples, pears, peaches."
Chart shows Should be DMC
up arrow arrow slants up and right 522
M solid heart 3363
triangle pointing left triangle with square corner at bottom right 371/3045
no symbol on lower stem of apples filled in with ? & k ?
m M ?
hollow triangle (as 504) hollow triangle as blend of: 503/523
hollow triangle (as 371/3052) triangle with dot in center 371/3052
C (as 372/523) backwards C 372/523
no symbol (on apples) sideways, hollow triangle 371/3045
upside-down Y (on grapes) upside-down and backward Y 315
right angle - top/right (on plums) square missing left side ?
Harvest Sampler
Kit chart and Sampler & Antique Needlework:
  • The instructions refer to a diamond eyelet stitch, but they don't mention that there are 3 different sizes: over 12, over 8, and over 4. There's only one detailed diagram, which is for the over 8 diamond eyelet. The diamond eyelets in the border should be worked over 12; the ones in the centers of the medallions should be worked over 8. The instructions do correctly say that the ones above and below the second serpentine row should be worked over 4.
  • There is no diagram for the "anchored upright cross stitch" (called the "diamond smyrna stitch" in TWSC).

The Best of Teresa Wentzler Sampler Collection:

  • The diagram for the "very small diamond eyelet stitch" is wrong. It shows (I believe) a diamond Algerian eye over 8 threads. It should be the diamond eyelet over 4.
  • The diagram for the "diamond smyrna stitch" (AKA the "anchored upright cross stitch") shows it over 6 threads, but it should be worked over 4 in the Harvest Sampler. (Maybe 6 threads is correct for one of the other charts in the book.)
Holly and Ivy Sampler
  • Over-one chart: The bold dots (which are shown on the code as petite royal plum beads) should be bold squares (DMC 3362) instead. This includes the dots in the little holly leaf motifs as well.
  • The backstitch lines in the over-one lettering should be stitched using one strand 3362.
  • A backstitch line is missing: On page 6 of the chart booklet, part of the backstitch line between the gold border and the whitework border is missing.
Lily Maiden
  • On both the leaflet and the kit, there is some backstitching missing from the bottom of the skirt. It is possible to use the picture to figure out where it should be stitched. Use the same color as the rest of the area.

Mademoiselle Mimi
  • Head's up: There are two symbols for DMC 223, the open heart and the double right-slanted lines. Both are correct for this color.
  • There are some symbols "=" (equal sign) which should be "#" (number sign)
  • If you have any other symbols on your chart that you find are unclear, TW has offered to identify them for you if you will send her a photocopy with the symbols in question circled or highlighted.
Magical Night
  • There are some charts that have an error in the backstitch listing. This was later corrected in a reprint.
  • The backstiching for the wings and body of far horse and for the fur trim on woman's clothing and crown was incorrectly listed as DMC 317 instead of DMC 414.
  • The backstitching for the wings and body of nearest horse was incorrectly listed as DMC 414 but should have been DMC 317. 
  • Mermaid
  • The mermaid's nose is backstitched using 3032.
  • 3041 is used to straight stitch the spokes on the shells in the border.
  • Use 930 to backstitch the horizon line.
  • Symbol of Excellence leaflet: The symbol for the DMC blend: 840/3041 appears on the chart as a small solid square within a square. In the color code, the inner little square is shifted to the bottom left corner of the symbol.
  • Symbol of Excellence leaflet: the symbol that resembles a capital "S" lying on its side appears in the color code twice: for DMC 3811, and also for the 1/2 stitch 762/3743. The 1/2 stitch is used only in the sky.
  • Merry Christmas Cat
    • On the Fiddler's Cloth version, the backstitching is incorrectly listed as 810 but should be 801.
    • A "=" symbol is missing from the left middle bottom of the arch. The over one chart shows the correct placement.
    • Near planet J (right bottom just outside the over one area) a symbol has been rotated, the half black parts of the circles should all be at the bottom.
    • On the Earth chart (over-one chart A), there are some "C" symbols that are shown as "U" symbols.
    Night The symbol that looks like "3" should be DMC 3045
    Noah's Ark Sampler
    • On the face of the lion, the eyes of the Cat, the Bighorn Sheep, & the Hedgehog, and the nose of the Rhino, there is appears to be a 1/4 stitch on the over-one chart. Actually, the black "bullet" is a symbol for the french knot. Just do a full cross stitches, then put in the backstitch, and then place the french knots.
    • Stitchers have noted that an extra skein of 792 is needed (or at least a portion of a 2nd. one).
    • In the JCS magazine version (only), the backstitch instructions for the animal names was omitted and should be 611.
    • The french knots for the minks is 3799 (missing in the JCS magazine version only).
    • The backstitch for the minks should be 839 (incorrect only in the JCS mag. ver.).
    • A stitcher (Thanks Moira!) suggested adding Kreinik blending filaments to the rainbow:
    422 Light Gold 002
    3046 Yellow Beige 002
    223 Dark Pink 007
    316 Mauve 007
    3726 Dark Mauve 007
    3727 Light Mauve 007
    3773 Dark Flesh 013
    3364 Light Yellow Green 015
    3041 Dark Violet 023
    793 Blue 025
    794 Light Blue 025
    503 Green 029
    792 Dark Blue 033
    502 Dark Green 085
    522 Light Grey Green 085
    746 Yellow 091
    224 Pink 092
    3042 Violet 093
    Peaceable Kingdom
    • The symbol for the outer border, a triangle with a dot, isn't listed on some of the charts. It should be a blend of 422/3045.

    • On the two halves of the chart, there is a symbol that is mirror imaged. It is < on the right half (340/793) and > on the left half (3032). It is suposed to be < (340/793).

    Peacock Majesty

    (For kit only)

    • In the peacock tail, the blue eye of the feathers have 3 filled in circles with a slash through them (blend of 501/792) in a triangle formation (one in center, then down a line and one, another symbol and then one) The symbol in the center is a filled in circle which doesn't appear in the floss key but should be DMC823.

    • In the rocks in the wall, there is a bold U which should not be bold (451/3787)

    Peacock Tapestry
  • Some of the charts had an incorrect stitch count (which was corrected in a later release).
  • Also some charts have no overlap lines printed on pages 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8. The charts have the correct amount spaces, they are just not shadowed to show the overlap.
  • Rapunzel
  • Count 60 squares down from top and 46 stitches left from right edge, in between the curtain and its gold border there is a quarter stitch with no symbol. The picture suggests this should be "Z" or "W", take your pick.
  • In some versions, the window scene has a "circle" symbol that should be a "2" symbol.
  • Between the gold tassel at the left of the pillow and the bench cushion, there is a square containing two quarter stitches. The top right is a "Z" while the bottom left is shown as a "S". I think this should be a "3". Putting an S here makes a 1/4 stitch of that color in the middle of nowhere (& I hate to stitch those).
  • Where the hair meets the ground, by the little curl, count 31 stitches from left and 6 from bottom. There is a square with two quarter stitches. The top right symbol is a "circle with a horizontal line through the center" and the lower left is an "open circle". This should be a solid circle (890/500).
  • In the middle of the castle, a little below the line of backward L 's, there is an arrow pointing to the bottom right hand corner. This should have been another backward L.
  • Just to the left of the poof sleeve on the gown, there is a stray X (perhaps a small cursive "u" here?)
  • In the bottom left 1/4 of the pattern on the gown, I found 2 symbols that don't seem to go. Located just left and below the gold sash ring, they are filled in lower left-hand triangles with an upper right-hand dot (perhaps the O with the right hemisphere filled here?).
  • Also near this area and slightly to the right of the sash (below the gold sash ring and just after it angles to the right) there is a stray = symbol outside of the backstitching of the sash on the blue area of the dress. This makes a purple stitch in the middle of all blues. I think I used the O with the right hemisphere filled here.
  • Some of the backstitching in the bottom section of the window frame isn't marked on the pattern. The lower "loops" have two lines of bs - inner and outer - while the upper "loops" only have outer bs. Backstitch in the same color as the inside of the upper loops.
  • The blue backstitching on the gown and pillow should be 930 and the floorboard backstitching should be 3021. Both were left out of instructions by the printer.
  • I also added a diagonal backstitch line on the lower hand (on sill) to make four fingers (showing) instead of a fatter middle one.
  • Helpful hint: The half cross stitches for the clouds should be in the same direction as the top leg of your crosses.
  • Helpful hint: Where the castle meets the top line of the trees, there are two symbols that are very similar "< with a line through it" and "> with a line through it". Take care not to get them confused.
  • Spring Be careful on the number of spaces between sections in the chart. It has been reported that in the book of all 4 horses, vertical overlaps have 11 spaces instead of 10!
    Summer Be careful on the number of spaces between sections in the chart. It has been reported that in the book of all 4 horses, vertical overlaps have 11 spaces instead of 10!
    Summer Faerie This correction does not apply to the book of the four faeries, but it does apply to both the single chart and the kit.
    • In the top left hand corner of the border there is an extra "e" symbol. Compare this corner with the other corners, and you will see the difference.
    The Storyteller
  • The symbol "~" (used on the prince's sleeves) should be ecru.
  • Also, the backstitching for the border should be done using DMC 610.
  • Stroke of Midnight
  • In the over one section/Part B of the dress, the design may be larger than the space allotted for it on the over two section and may need to be adjusted. A correction was made in later releases of the pattern, so you will need to count and see if you need to make the correction. Remember to account for the difference between sizes! The over-one needs to be twice the size of the over-two space. On my corrected pattern, the over-one is 116W x 92H fitting into a 58Wx46H over-two space.
  • Suggested correction: Making sure that the over-one pattern is turned with the top rightside up, count to the 15th line from bottom left side. Starting at 5th square, omit the first 10 squares. You can adjust this various ways but this is the suggested method.
  • Helpful hint: It was suggested to me to make sure that you have 2 skeins of the greys as there is alot of grey in the design and you want to make sure you have the same dye lot.
  • Treetop Sampler

    Leaflet only

    • To make the border symetrical, some stitchers have added a berry to the top of left side.

    • On the chickadee, the french knot for the eye should be one row lower than shown on the chart.

    • Watch for gridding errors on the over-one charts. Column 5 has 11 rows and column 6 has 9 rows.
    Victorian Portrait
    • On the left-hand side of the design, one of the French knots (just above the centreline) is too low. It should be one row higher.
    • Something to watch out for: while most of the vertical rows of stitches are three stitches apart, the two at the centre of the design are only two stitches apart. (The model has been stitched with the centre rows three stitches apart, and as a result, the over-one section doesn't line up correctly)
    Wedding Sampler
    (Leisure Arts version)
    • The symbol "X" should be "X with the dot in the center" DMC 520
    • The stitch diagram of the eight-sided eyelet in the heart motif area is drawn in the wrong scale (too small).   Stitch over eight threads, with five stitches per side.
    • The fractional stitches in the leaf border should be stitched as 1/4 stitches, not 3/4 stitches, because the backstitching completes the cross and makes it less "bulky".
    Wedding Sampler
    (JCS version)
    There are evidently many errors and differences in the version released by Just CrossStitch of the kit and chart that are not present in the Leisure Arts release (perhaps corrected in the later release).
    • JCS chart does not use DMC 611 (see below though), 3727 and 3790
    • For the beads, JCS uses 03005 and 03021 BUT LA uses 03005 and 00123
    • The chart does not list the diagram or name for the stitch that goes in the corners of the plaited stitch border of the heart motif block.  LA kit shows the corners are plaited cross stitch in colors 422 and 3033 (DMC) and it is backstitched in 611.
    • The backstitching color for the arch is listed as DMC 640 instead of the DMC 611 in the LA version.
    • The heart motif border is missing the backstitch instructions even though it looks backstitched in the photo. (LA leaflet lists 611 for the backstitch color)
    • Instructions for the diamond pattern in the arch are to stitch with two strands of 3032 and then wrap with the 872 marlitt. The LA version says to stitch with one strand of 611 and then wrapped with 1034 marlitt.
    • Instructions for the diamond pattern in the heart motif block are to stitch with one strand of 3032, then wrap with 1034 marlitt. The LA version says to stitch with one strand of 611 and then wrapped with 1034 marlitt.
    • Someone on the TW BB stated that her kit didn't even mention the marlitt and none was included in the package, so this may be yet another variation.
    • Be careful on the number of spaces between sections in the chart. It has been reported that in the book of all 4 horses, vertical overlaps have 11 spaces instead of 10!
    Winter Faerie This correction applies to the book of four faeries, and possibly to the kit. There has been to date no single leaflet of this faerie released.
    • The "k" symbol (DMC blend 318/414) is missing from the symbol key.

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    © 2000-2013, Teresa Wentzler.  All images and information on this website are owned and copyrighted by Teresa Wentzler, PO Box 176, Montoursville, PA 17754, USA. All rights reserved.