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The "Knotwork Bookmark" Gallery

© Teresa Wentzler, PO Box 176, Montoursville, PA 17754. All rights reserved.

Inspire fellow stitchers! Show off your color choices! Send me a picture of your completed bookmark (at no more than 100 dpi, please!), a list of the fibers and fabric you used, plus any design alterations, and I'll add it to the gallery.

Colorway by TW:

No shading: Thread Gatherer Silk'N Colors # 062: Autumn Twilight
Light shading: Dinky Dyes Silk #29: Nullabor
Dark shading: Thread Gatherer Silk'N Colors #076: Chocolate Caramel
All Backstitching: DMC 839
Fabric - 28 count Cashel Linen in Antique Ivory

Design alterations: The entire border was stitched using Autumn Twilight

Colorway by Shondratasha:

Center - Thread Gatherer Silk'n'Colors - Picadilly Circus
(backstitched with Anchor 123)
Light shade- Thread Gatherer Silk'n'Colors - Tidal Pool
(backstitched with Anchor 203)
Dark shade- Thread Gatherer Silk'n'Colors - Grape Melange
(backstitched with Anchor 1030)

Fabric - 28 count Natural Linen

Colorway by Annette414:

Overdye - Vikki Clayton Ricordia (silk)
Dark Solid - Vikki Clayton Aubergine (silk)
Light Solid - Vikki Clayton Carnation (silk)
Backstitch - Aubergine (all)
Fabric - Silkweaver Plum Pudding 32-ct evenweave

Design alterations: Rhodes stitches have been substituted for satin stitch in the "Overdye" thread areas of the border.
And diagonal satin stitch was done throughout the border (with compensating stitches at the end of each block), giving the corners a smoother appearance.

Colorway by kh254:

No shading: Dragon Floss Thunder & Lightning - backstitched in DMC 340
Light shading: Dragon Floss Lavender Breeze - backstitched in DMC 3835
Dark shading: Dragon Floss Clear Day - backstitched in DMC 334

Fabric:  Zweigart banding: Natural/White 3" Linen - 28 count

Colorway by Indystitch:

Center - Anchor Verigated Floss #1349, backstitched with DMC 336
Light Shade - Six Strand Sweets "Patti Cakes" backstitched with DMC 553
Dark Shade - The Gentle Art "Hyacinth" backstitched with DMC 550

Fabric: 32 count opalescent Lugana

Design alterations: Diagonal satin stitch was used in the border for the light and dark shades, then rice stitches were done to fill in the remaining areas.

Colorway by LisainWA:

Overdye - Vikki Clayton Mystic Reflections "Riches"
Green Solid - Kreinik #4 Braid 850
Purple Solid - Kreinik #4 Braid 026V
Backstitch - DMC 939
Fabric - 32 count Willow Green Belfast

Design alterations: Satin stitch border stitched entirely in "Riches".

Colorway by Brangane:

No shading: Stef Francis Inspirations 'Plum' with DMC 3835 b/s,
Light shading: 833 with 832 b/s
Dark shading: 327 with 550 b/s .
Fabric: 28 ct Antique Lavender linen

Colorway by Estitch:

No shading: DMC Blanc #8 Perle cotton backstitched with DMC B5200
Light shading: Caron Wildflowers #112 'Fir' backstitched with DMC 3816
Dark shading: Caron Wildflowers #160 'Night Sky' backstitched with DMC 823
Fabric: 28 count with pale green threads in one direction and white threads in the other direction.

Design alterations: Switched the white and blue/green colors for the border. I did my satin stitches for the dark blue and blue/green at 45 degrees because the dark thread was not covering well.

Colorways by 1Abi:

No shading: Caron Waterlilies in Antique Rose b/s with DMC 3607
Light shading: Caron Waterlilies in Cafe Au Lait b/s with DMC 3045
Dark shading: DMC Rayon 30552 b/s with DMC 208
Fabric: 28 count black Lugana

Design alterations: The whole border was stiched with Antique Rose and diagonal satin stiches were used for the corners.

No shading: Needle Necessities Silver Fox
Light shading: DMC 437, b/s using DMC 677
Dark shading: DMC 356, b/s with DMC 355
Fabric: 28 count white Lugana

Design alterations: The whole border was stiched with Silver Fox and diagonal satin stiches were used for the corners.

Colorway by Chimaera2:

No shading: Windy Hill Designs "New Guinea Parrot" - Backstitching: DMC3685 Light shading: DMC341 - Backstitching: DMC3685
Dark shading: DMC3685 - Backstitching: Weeks Dye Works 1339 "Bordeaux"
Fabric - 28-count Silkweaver Reflections "Periwinkle Prism"

Design alterations: The entire border was satin stitched using "New Guinea Parrot"

(Front )


Colorway by KTCatt:

No shading: Thread Gatherer Silk 'N Colors #091 Medieval Mulberry, outlined in DMC 3740
Light shade: Thread Gatherer Silk 'N Colors #999 Wood Smoke, outlined in DMC 453
Dark shade: Thread Gatherer Silk 'N Colors # 178 Cherry Wine, outlined in DMC 3740
Design alterations: Diagonal stitch for satin stich, backstitch only version used for Back.

Colorway by: magickalstitches

No shading: Caron Wildflowers Plum, back stitched using black Kreinik blending filament
Light shading: Weeks Dye Works Taffeta, back stitched with DMC 310
Dark shading: Weeks Dye Works Kentucky Bluegrass, backstitched with DMC 310
Fabric: Steel Grey Cashel Linen
Design alterations: Border: short sides satin stitched with Caron Wildflowers Plum. Long sides are cross stitched...the dark and no shading areas with Caron Wildflowers Plum, light shading areas alternated Weeks Dye Works Kentucky Bluegrass and Taffeta.

Colorway by: Diana Tharpe

Dinky Dyes cotton flosses used throughout
No shading - #2 - Purple Haze
Light shading - #4 - Strawberry Ice
Dark shading - #3 - Lavender Mist
Fabric: 28ct antique white Monaco.
Design alterations: Border: In the spaces where there are 4 blocks of the same color (color that matches the center braid), an eyelet/algerian eyelet was used instead of the satin stitch.

Colorway by: shadowkitty

No shading - Caron Waterlillies: Cherry, backstitch: DMC 938
Light shading - AVAS 4625, backstitch: DMC 310
Dark shading - Vicki Clayton's silk floss: Zebrawood, backstitch: DMC 3031
Fabric: 32 count white Belfast linen
Design alterations: Border: The satin stitches are all in the Caron Cherry and I mitered the corners to a 45 degree angle.

Colorway by: Amanda in Oz

No shading - Thread Gatherer SNC Blue Seas, backstitch: DMC 924
Light shading - DMC 807, backstitch: DMC 806
Dark shading -DMC 924, backstitch: DMC 310
Design alterations: Border: The satin stitches are all in Blue Seas.
Fabric: Hand-dyed Belfast – Pacific Dreams – Stitches & Spice (Australia)

Colorway by: ArianaGE

No shading - WDW Basil, backstitched using: Anchor 872
Light shading - WDW Plum, backstitched using: Anchor 872
Dark shading - WDW Kudzu, backstitched using: Anchor 268
Design alterations: The satin stitch in the border is done diagonally.

Colorway by: magicmonster

No shading - Thread Gatherer Silk 'n Colours #126 Monster Mash - Backstitch DMC 310
Light shading - DMC 3052 - Backstitch DMC 3051
Dark shading - DMC 3834 - Backstitch DMC 154
Fabric: Antique white Jubilee

Design Alterations: Border: The satin stitches are all done with Monster Mash.

Colorway by: ToriainOz

No shading - Victoria Clayton Dragon Hoard. Back stitched with DMC 917
Light shading - Victoria Clayton Ocean. Back stitched with DMC 958
Dark shading - Victoria Clayton Persephone. Back stitched with DMC 3837.
Fabric: 28-count black lugana

Design Alterations: No border.

Colorway by: Jenneke Brantjes

No shading - Anchor 1355. Back stitched with DMC 500
Light shading - DMC 728. Back stitched with DMC 898.
Dark shading - DMC 816. Back stitched with DMC 898.

Border: DMC 930 and 154 and DMC metallic silver.
Fabric: 28ct cheesecloth linen

Design alterations: The 'holes' in the center string are gridded using Madeira metallic gold 6

Colorway by: Lady_K28

No shading - Caron Waterlilies Harvest, backstitched with DMC 3042.
Light shading - DMC 3363, backstitched with DMC 3362.
Dark shading - DMC 3362, backstitched with DMC 3362.

Fabric: Silkweaver's Sand Storm, 28 count linen.

Design alterations: "I inverted the border colors so I could stitch more silk, and did a diagonal stitch at the corners."

Colorway by: Dyah

Dark shading: Anchor multicolor 1375
Light shading: DMC 991 (green)
No shading: DMC 742 (yellow)
Backstitch: DMC 310 (black)
Fabric: 28 count linen, color: eggshell/cream
Alteration: the border was cross stitched instead of satin stitched.

Colorway by: Dyah

Dark shading: DMC 92 - backstitch : DMC 3345
Light shading: DMC 48 - backstitch : DMC 600
No shading: DMC 90 - backstitch : DMC 972
Fabric: 28 count linen, color: light blue

Colorway by: Logan

Design alterations:  border done in entirely in needle necessities 151
light: needle necessities 151 backstitch in DMC 3031
medium: needle necessities 197 backstitch in DMC 319
dark:  needle necessities 130 backstitch in 3857

Colorway by: Kelly R.

Stitched on 30ct Murano using Carrie's Creations "Fat Tuesday" and DMC #550 & #3852 for the accent colors.  I also used the DMC #550 for the backstitching.  For the border I used the buttonhole stitch since I can't decide whether I should cut it out or frame it.

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© 2000-2013, Teresa Wentzler.  All images and information on this website are owned and copyrighted by Teresa Wentzler, PO Box 176, Montoursville, PA 17754, USA. All rights reserved.