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"Dragon Rampant"


Release date: February, 2004 (at Nashville Market)

Stitch count: 60W X 60H
Sample shown: stitched on 100% Linen 28ct Natural Ribbon banding (#7497-1) (Wichelt Imports Inc.

Chart: computer generated

DOWNLOAD: High-Quality PDF format: dragonrampant.pdf
(use Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software to display and print)

©TW Designworks, PO Box 176, Montoursville, PA 17754. All rights reserved.

Description:   According to English heraldry, an animal reared up and "boxing" with its front legs is considered to be "rampant". (Wrong!! See correction below!) The intense, jewel-like colors in this design are meant to mimic the tones found in medieval illuminated manuscripts.

Background Information: This piece was designed for the Fantasy Faire 2004 promotion for shops attending the 2004 Nashville Market. An excellent resource about heraldry is "The Complete Book of Heraldry" by Stephen Slater. (ISBN: 1-84309-824-5)

WHOOPS!!: I have misnamed this dragon! The proper term for this dragon's stance is not "Rampant" (reared up with three paws off the ground), but is instead "Saliant" (leaping.) This means that he has two feet up and is standing on two. My apologies to all heraldry enthusiasts... And my thanks to Susan and Tom Pellitieri for setting me straight!

Stitching Comments: If you're looking for a small, colorful dragon with a "medieval" or "heraldic" look, this one should do nicely! Some folks have extended the border to make a pennant-shaped design.

Pattern Errors/Corrections: none


This is a "complimentary" chart, which means you may photocopy it. You may stitch it as many times as you'd like. Shopowners may give it to customers free of charge. However, since TW Designworks retains ownership of the copyright, you may not sell this chart, or profit from it in any way! On behalf of needlework designers, we thank you for your support of copyright law!



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