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Discontinued Design List

These designs are discontinued, and are *not* available from their respective publishers at this time. Some are extremely rare. Some of them MAY still be available from retailers if you look around for them.

Design Name Dimensions Description
Angel of Frost
174H x 142W A scarlet-cloaked angel strides through the evergreen forest, sprinkling frost along the way.
Angel Procession
116H X 288W A procession of colorfully-garbed celestial musicians parade joyfully within an elegant dark blue border accented with specialty stitches and beads.
Best of Teresa Wentzler Christmas Collection (The)
soft-back book Contains 10 Christmas/winter designs: Angel Procession, Winter Faerie, Companions, Winter Carousel Horse, Gabriel, Byzantine Ornaments, Father Winter, Nativity, Christmas Wreath, and Angel of Frost.
Best of Teresa Wentzler Fantasy Collection (The)
soft-back book

Contains 10 fantasy designs: Carousel, Castle, Castle Sampler, Magical Night, Day, Night, Rapunzel, Pegasus, Stroke of Midnight, and Unicorn.

These individual designs are now all available via PatternsOnLine.com
Best of Teresa Wentzler Sampler Collection (The)
soft-back book

Contains 9 sampler designs: Birth Announcement, Camelot Sampler, Christmas Sampler, Heart Sampler, Harvest Sampler, English Cottage Sampler, English Garden Sampler, Fantasy Sampler, and Wedding Sampler.

These individual designs are now all available via PatternsOnLine.com

Best of Teresa Wentzler Fantasy Collection Volume 2 (The)

soft-back book Contains 11 fantasy designs: Enchanter, Celestial Dragon, The Guardian, Storyteller, Fantasy Triptych, Mermaid, Tradewinds, Peacock Majesty, Gentle Creature, Castle Ridge, and Above the Clouds.
Christmas Ornaments
Byzantine: (Discontinued)
48H X 48W
Six Byzantine-style (stained glass) ornaments, featuring specialty stitches and beads.
Christmas Wreath
126H X 126W A wreath of holly and mistletoe accented with specialty stitch ornaments framed in a whitework-look border.


130H X 214W A cloaked Father Christmas figure and his gift-laden draft horse in a winter scene.
Dragon Ride
118H X 170W A young rider and colorful dragon "consult" a crystal ball before taking flight!
Father Winter
237H X 178W A sampler featuring a mythical figure and Celtic alphabet.


154H X 112W A powerful Byzantine-style angel within an ornate border.


164H X 140W A guardian angel spreads protective wings over the Holy family.
Topiary Trees
607H x 102W, afghan squares:
93H x 98W
A collection of elegant topiaries: can either be stitched as a bellpull or separately on afghan squares.

"You were hatched..."


60H X 60W
Mother dragon answers the age-old question: "Mommy, where did I come from?"
A special limited edition design created exclusively for Fantasy Faire 2005.


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