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The Castle

Release date: January, 1988


Stitch count: 199H x 170W
Model stitched on: 14 count white Aida
Model size: 14" x 12"

Chart: Hand drawn originally. Now computer generated.
Leaflet: not available
Kit: not available
Downloadable chart: not available

©Leisure Arts, Inc. P.O. Box 55595, Little Rock, AR 72215

Description: A colorful winged dragon encircles a medieval island fortress. Since dragons are intensely curious by nature, its attention is drawn to the lighted windows of the tall central tower. Who actually lives in that lonely isolated castle? An exiled king? An imprisoned maiden? Or maybe a wizard?

Background Information: Castles and dragons have always fascinated me, and, since they are both the stuff of legend, it seemed natural to combine the two. I tried to portray the dragon as I envision dragons to be: huge, curious, and totally inscrutable. I don't see them as threatening or evil... merely mysterious. Not everyone shares that view, however! Quite a bit of controvery surrounded this design when it was first released: it was thought by some to be demonic in nature because the dragon was designed with three-toed feet. Apparently, (and I had no idea that this was the case) three toes signify a demonic dragon, four toes means the dragon is of the mythical variety, and five toes identifies it as the Chinese type. Although I did redesign my dragon to have the fourth toe visible at the proper places, and altered the chart to reflect this, the leaflet cover photography was not redone. Hence, it would appear that my dragon's reputation remains in question...

Stitching Comments: I designed this piece before I learned to stitch over two, (that was a long time ago!) and that is why the model was done on aida cloth. Because of the abundance of quarter stitches, I would recommend using a linen-weave fabric of some sort. For example, stitching the piece over two on a 28-count fabric would make the finished stitchery the same size as the design done 14-count aida cloth. Also, this piece looks quite dramatic with metallic threads added to the dragon. (Another thing I didn't know about 15 years ago: metallics!) It also looks good stitched on dark background fabrics like black and navy since the colors are fairly intense.

Important Tips: Charting Technique, Large Designs

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