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Where to Buy

PLEASE NOTE: Although I am no longer publishing my patterns in print, some retailers MAY still have TW Designworks charts in stock! Please check with them!

  • On-line Retailers Listing
      Looking for a place to go cybershopping for TW designs? Check out our listing of fine on-line retailers!

    • Planning to do some traveling? You might want to visit these fine needlework shops and increase your stash of TW designs!

PLEASE NOTE: Do you have a problem with a Teresa Wentzler cross stitch kit? Please read this important policy change/information from Janlynn:

Dear Stitching Fan:

We have received your request for a replacement chart for your Teresa Wentzler kit. Before we can send the chart to you we need you to forward to us a photocopy (black and white is fine) of the color front sheet that came with the kit. It is imperative that the Janlynn, Leisure Arts or Symbol of Excellence name and address be visible.

Through the years Janlynn has manufactured Teresa Wentzler kits as have Leisure Arts and Symbol of Excellence. With Janlynn's acquisition of the Leisure Arts/Symbol of Excellence kit lines, we now have Teresa Wentzler charts and instructions that may be different, depending on which company produced the kit you have. We do not want to compound your frustration with this design by sending you a chart that is different than what you have been using to this point.

For that reason it is Janlynn's policy to require a copy of the front sheet from your kit. As soon as we have received the copy here at Janlynn we will be happy to send your replacement instructions to you as quickly as possible.

The Janlynn Corporation

  • Ordering directly from Leisure Arts

      Don't care to shop on-line? Or maybe you can't find the TW design you're looking for at your local needlework store? You can also order directly from Leisure Arts. (Note: We recommend you patronize your local needlework shop if at all possible!!)

      From inside the US, call Leisure Arts' toll free order line at: 1-800-526-5111.

      From outside the US, call: (501)-868-8800 or fax: (501) 868-8937.

      To speed the ordering process, please have the item number(s) available when you call. Item numbers for in-stock designs (kits and leaflets) are available here.

  • Tips for finding out-of-print (OOP) TW designs

      Post a request to the TW Trading Post on the TW Bulletin Board on this site. There are lots of people checking this section on a regular basis: someone might be able to help you locate that elusive OOP TW! Registration for the Board is fast and painless...and free!

      Post a request to the rec.crafts.textiles.needlework newsgroup on Usenet. It is strongly recommended you read the FAQs for the group before you post.

      There are several other Bulletin Boards on the 'Net especially for needlework lovers: posting your request several places couldn't hurt!

      If you like on-line auctions, and don't mind taking your chances bidding and dealing with sellers, this is another possible source for OOP designs. Give Ebay and Cross Stitches Auction a try! Lots of OOP TW designs come up for bid at both places (just do a search for "wentzler"). (F.Y.I.- Ebay tends to be the more expensive of the two.)

      A Final Note: If you are in the process of stitching an OOP TW chart, and cannot finish it because something unfortunate happened to the chart (the dog/ cat/ child destroyed it, you lost it, the folds are worn and have obscured the symbols...etc.), and you would like to complete stitching the design...Leisure Arts will provide a copy of only the portion of the chart you need to complete your design. ***They will not photocopy whole charts: so don't ask!*** If you have this problem, call Leisure Arts at: 1-800-643-8030, extension 458, and explain your predicament...they'll make sure you get the portion of the chart you need. Remember: this applies only to OOP designs.


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