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  This design is done in Mardi Gras colors as I live in the city where it originated. (I know, everyone thinks it started in New Orleans, but it actually did start in Mobile, Alabama). I plan to work this in other colors for other holidays/seasons. This design is stitched using splendor silks on 30 count platinum murano. This was a challenge and I really enjoyed it! I do have a renewed respect for Teresa's fabulous designing talents!!
Completed: July 15, 2001

Design by: Debbie Thompson

Location: Mobile, Alabama

Occupation: Judicial Assistant


When/How did you first start cross stitching?

I first started cross stitching around 1989. My daughter had a piece her grandmother had given her to stitch and I thought it looked interesting. I was a fan of Alabama college football, so I looked for and found a chart of their logo and started stitching. This piece still hangs in my computer room, complete with wrinkles and x's crossed every which way. I love it because it was the start of the most wonderful hobby! My daughter did no other stitching but that one piece, but she proudly displays many of my completed pieces in her home.

What do you enjoy most about cross stitching?

I most enjoy the ability to relax and lose myself in the stitching process. For me it is a great stress buster. (except for when the frogs visit...)

What are your favorite Cross Stitch Subjects?

They are varied, but you will find more fantasy related charts in my stash than any other type.

What is your Favorite TW Design(s)?

Oh my, what a difficult question to answer. They are all lovely and I have several which stand out in my mind. I used to say "Companions" was my favorite. I recently finished Celestial Dragon and it is now a toss-up between these two. Storyteller, Guardian, the Carousel and the seasonal carousel horses... Ok, you can probably insert almost any TW design here and it would be one of my favorites.

This Design is Dedicated to:

My daughter, Jennifer.

Other Comments from the Designer:

I would like to dedicate this design to my daughter Jennifer. She is the person responsible for starting me on this wonderful cross stitch journey and a most beautiful person both inside and out!

If you have updated information for any of the above, please e-mail Teresa at:

The copyright to this design is owned by the designer indicated above. Please do not use this image or design without the consent of the designer!

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