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  "I'd like to devote this one by one square generally to the Red Cross Blood Service. The design represents that people of all ages and all races need the gift of blood, and that most people can donate the gift of life in the form of blood. The three items above the hands represent three centrifuge tubes which have separated blood in them: the yellow area is serum, and the red (and white) blood cells are at the bottom. I've included these to remind people that alot of testing and research goes on "behind the scenes" at the Blood Banks, to ensure a safe blood supply for all. Have YOU donated blood recently?

Design by: Dr. Anne Brocklebank

Location: Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Occupation: Cell Biology Researcher


When/How did you first start cross stitching?

I started in early 1997 after some friends got me interested - I never got my first bookmark finished because I was too eager to start a James Himsworth wizard.

What do you enjoy most about cross stitching?

It's relaxing and creative and something productive I can do during my 1.5-hour commute to work. I also like to try my hand at designing.

What are your favorite Cross Stitch Subjects?

I love medieval, fantasy and underwater themes.

What is your Favorite TW Design(s)?

The peacock! But I also love the new Xmas design. I haven't bought one yet - I will eventually but I have too many pregnant friends to stitch for and have got too caught up in my designing for now.

This Design is Dedicated to: The Australian Red Cross Blood Service and the Australian Red Cross

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service (whom I work for), and the Australian Red Cross in general, for their outstanding community efforts.

Other Comments from the Designer:

I really admire your designs, Teresa! Live long and prosper.

If you have updated information for any of the above, please e-mail Teresa at:

The copyright to this design is owned by the designer indicated above. Please do not use this image or design without the consent of the designer!

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