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  "I call this square "Serenity". It is done shaded, like you do so well in your beautiful works." (May, 1999)

Design by: Charlotte Bradfield

Location: Houston, Alaska

Occupation: Cross Stitch Designer and Web Page Designer


When/How did you first start cross stitching?

My mother got me started about 17 years ago be showing me a chart of Lilacs. Well that was a mistake.

Since then, I have spent 9 years working for a needlecraft store, doing hundreds of projects, doing some pieces to be used in free drawings, doing some designing, and just plain loving every day that I can pick up a needle.

What do you enjoy most about cross stitching?

Just about everything. But I think some of the main things are the fact that with counted, I can add too, take away, change position, change color, or whatever I want with the chart. It give such a wonderful sense of freedom with your project. It truely becomes yours. No two of them should ever look alike.

What are your favorite Cross Stitch Subjects?

Well there is very few actually. I love the fantasy stuff mainly. I love dragons, fairies, wolves, etc. I have never cared much for the homey, folksy stuff.

What is your Favorite TW Design(s)?

My favorite is all that she designs, but I still love The Castle the best of all of them. I fell in love with her work the minute I layed eyes on Ramyth. That is who my dragon of The Castle is. How do I know? He told me. Enough said.

This Design is Dedicated to: The Herbal Healer Academy, Inc.

Other Comments from the Designer:

I am looking forward to the new designs that Teresa will be coming out with. I am sure they will be wonderful.

I like your idea of the "one by one" program.

If you have updated information for any of the above, please e-mail Teresa at:

The copyright to this design is owned by the designer indicated above. Please do not use this image or design without the consent of the designer!

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