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  " I tried to represent my various interests (current and past) as best as possible in a one inch square. I've been a typesetter (hence my interest in type faces and the shapes of letters), and a graduate art history student (with a minor in Northern Renaissance engravings and Medieval illuminated manuscripts). The format of the initial and the colors I used were inspired by illuminated manuscripts, and because I did my undergraduate work in painting, I wanted to make the colors (the blue of the initail in particular) look as though they were applied withwatercolor. I exchanged the blue of the cornflower that frequently appears in manuscripts for the orange-red of an indigenous flower I knew in my childhood as an Indian paintbrush. This reflects my interest in what is traditionally (and erroneously) termed as non-Western art, particularly that of Native Americans". I am now a full-time mother of a smart, beautiful little girl who makes my life interesting and full of wonder every day! She will be two years old on the 27th of December. Her name is Kathryn (my middle name), and we call her Kate - hence the initial "K" (December, 1998)

Design by: Patti Blaine

Location: Woodside, NY

Occupation: homemaker


When/How did you first start cross stitching?

My first cross stitching experience was over 15 years ago. I made a small stick pin and a Christmas ornament--both were kits I'd received as gifts.

What do you enjoy most about cross stitching?

I most enjoy watching the various stitches and thread colors bring alive a design. Cross stitching feeds my tendency to obsess over details by rewarding me with a beautiful finished project.

What are your favorite Cross Stitch Subjects?

My favorite subjects are frameable objects inspired by medieval illuminated manuscripts. I particularly like to work on fine linen with many colors and lots of tiny stitches.

What is your Favorite TW Design(s)?

I've stitched only three of TW's designs and I enjoyed them all: the Birth Announcement, the English Garden sampler, and the English Cottage sampler. I'm hoping that TW will design a family tree project soon! Maybe that will be my favorite?

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