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  "The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has a fundraising program called "Sixty-five Roses" . It is called that because small children with CF have difficulty saying "Cystic Fibrosis" and it sounds like "65 Roses". My page is dedicated to my sister, Johanna Sue Wangler Libbert, who has this awful genetic disorder. She is a true inspiration to all who know her. She is a very brave, smart, and loving person who knows just how precious life is." (October 30, 1998)

Design by: Stephanie Annette Ambs

Location: Boonville, Indiana USA

Occupation: Registered Respiratory Therapist/wife/mom

Homepage: none

When/How did you first start cross stitching?

When I was about eleven, I ordered a kit from a catalog. I didn't realize it was counted thread until I opened the package. I decided I'd better learn fast or my allowance would be wasted :-) That was about 24 years ago!

What do you enjoy most about cross stitching?

Watching the design form on the fabric. I like doing the backstitching/outlining last because I like to see the design "come into focus." And of course, looking at the finished product, thinking "*I* did that!"

What are your favorite Cross Stitch Subjects?

I like samplers, flowers, countryside, but I usually do what catches my eye.

What is your Favorite TW Design(s)?

I think they are all lovely! My favorites are English Garden Sampler, English Cottage Sampler, Topiary Trees, Angel Procession, Christmas Ornaments, the Bell Pulls, Rapunzel, Stroke of Midnight, and Storyteller.

This Design is Dedicated to: Johanna Sue Wangler Libbert

I'd like to dedicate my page to my sister, Johanna Sue Wangler Libbert. The website that represents her is the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Without this wonderful organization, my sister would not have stood a chance to live through childhood. Now she is a 32 year old married woman! The CFF gives us hope that she will be here another thirty-two years! Please visit the CFF website and learn more. You may have this genetic disorder in your family and not even realize it...we didn't until Johanna was diagnosed.

Other Comments from the Designer:

Andrew and Teresa, Thank you for giving so much of yourselves in this website and to the people who come here.

If you have updated information for any of the above, please e-mail Teresa at:

The copyright to this design is owned by the designer indicated above. Please do not use this image or design without the consent of the designer!

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